Freshen Your Face This Spring With Juvéderm®️

Spring has officially arrived here in Beverly Hills, California. If you’re hoping to turn back the hands of time this spring, David Stoll, MD, and the team at Stoll Dermatology can help with the assistance of one of our signature rejuvenation treatments, the Juvéderm®️ line of dermal fillers.

Juvéderm injectable fillers restore lost facial volume and smooth away wrinkles and fine lines, leaving you with a more youthful appearance. Here, we share what’s so remarkable about nonsurgical Juvéderm and how it can help you freshen your face this spring. 

What are Juvéderm injectables, and how do they work?

Juvéderm is a brand of a line of FDA-approved injectable fillers. These fillers use hyaluronic acid, a naturally occurring substance your body produces to retain moisture. 

Hyaluronic acid can bind with up to 1,000 times its weight in water molecules, which adds volume and freshness to your skin. Each Juvéderm injection restores lubrication in your skin and tissue, tissue support, and volume to your problem areas.

What areas can Juvéderm help?

Juvéderm injectables are designed to help restore volume to your face, giving you a fresh appearance that lasts all year. Juvéderm injectables can help:

At Stoll Dermatology, we know the products in the Juvéderm line of fillers and how different fillers can help you reach your specific goals.  Each filler is designed for a certain area that needs more volume. You may benefit from one type of filler or a combination. We provide you with a customized treatment plan to help you put your best face forward.

Do Juvéderm injections hurt?

Most patients receiving Juvéderm injections don’t experience significant discomfort. However, no injection is completely pain-free. That’s why our team works hard to ensure your comfort during treatment. 

Some Juvéderm injectables contain a numbing agent, but before any treatment begins, our team can provide ice or topical numbing cream to help boost your comfort. Most patients report feeling only a slight pinch or sting. The ultra-thin needles used to inject Juvéderm help reduce bruising and discomfort.

When can I expect results from Juvéderm?

You see immediate results with Juvéderm injectables! As with any injection, however, you may experience some mild swelling after your session. Depending on the treatment areas and the number of injections, it can take up to two days for this mild swelling to subside. Once the swelling is completely gone, you see the optimal results from your Juvéderm treatment. 

How many Juvéderm treatments do I require?

Because everyone has different skin goals and a different starting point, the number of Juvéderm treatments varies from patient to patient. Most people have good results after one session with Juvéderm.

The results of each Juvéderm treatment last for about 12 months with some patients seeing results last up to two years. Juvéderm results wear off slowly. When you notice this beginning to happen, simply schedule a consultation to discuss a touch-up session.

To learn more about how Juvéderm can help you freshen your face this spring, call our office in Beverly Hills, California, today.

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