Beyond Their Appearance, Are Warts a Medical Concern?

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No one likes to talk about skin growths, especially warts. These common bumps can appear anywhere on your body and spread easily. Are they merely a cosmetic issue or a more serious medical concern?

At Stoll Dermatology, Dr. David Stoll brings the latest skin treatments to men, women, and children in Beverly Hills, California. Here’s what you need to know about warts and how to make them a distant memory — and fast.

Recognizing a wart

There are several different kinds of skin growths, but Dr. Stoll can often identify a wart just by looking at it. This type of skin issue comes in a variety of shapes and sizes and can have a smooth or rough surface. It’s also common for warts to have a tiny pattern of black dots caused by small blood vessels with clots.

You can develop warts anywhere on your body, but they’re most common on your fingers, hands, or the bottoms of your feet. There are also several different kinds of warts, but the two Dr. Stoll sees most often are common warts and plantar warts. 

Common warts typically don’t hurt. Depending on their location, however, they can itch, bleed, or become easily irritated in addition to being an embarrassing cosmetic issue. Plantar warts develop on the bottoms of your feet, usually causing pain or discomfort.

Understanding what causes warts

It’s easy to assume that a wart is simply a cosmetic problem unless it causes pain or discomfort. The growths develop because of the human papillomavirus (HPV), which makes them highly contagious. In fact, warts can easily spread to other areas of your body or from person to person by: 

Even though warts are typically harmless and usually disappear on their own with time, getting medical treatment helps prevent them from spreading while eliminating the embarrassment they bring you.

When a wart becomes a medical concern

While warts are often a cosmetic issue, sometimes, they can become a medical concern. Dr. Stoll recommends seeking medical attention for warts if you notice:

You should also see Dr. Stoll if you’re unsure if your skin growth is a wart or if you’re an adult who starts getting numerous warts for no apparent reason.

Finding effective treatment for warts

Dr. Stoll offers several different methods that eliminate warts, depending on their location and severity. Common wart treatments include:


To reduce your chances of getting warts, you should take steps to avoid contact with HPV. Simple strategies include not going barefoot on wet surfaces, not biting your nails, and not sharing personal items, like towels, especially if you know someone has warts. 

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